The challenge

The many well known bolting insecurities resulted in expensive check-ups and re-tightening procedures. These have become common for high loaded bolts in (steel) constructions such as cranes and wind turbines. The challenge is to prevent these check-ups and re-tightening procedures by creating better insights in the bolt load.

The solution

BoltSafe bolt load cells measure the actual bolt load during assembly and over time. With a simple test the actual bolt load can now be determined, rather than assumed or guessed. This leads to enhanced safety, dependable joints, better control and improved cost benefit both during installation and throughout the joint’s service life.

BoltSafe: bolt load cells – load measuring systems

Boltsafe M30 CMS
Probe + BoltSafe M30 CMS

The products of BoltSafe are a result of more than 10 years of development and research.

BoltSafe started as a project of some employees of the company ScanSense in Norway in 1995. The first sensors found their way to the customers in 2001 and a new company named BoltSafe was born.

The Industrial Bolting Technology and Supply Group has taken over BoltSafe in  2006. In 2007, the production location moved from Vear Norway to Beuningen the Netherlands.

The location in Beuningen has a complete in-house production and also the calibration of the sensors can be provided by us.

BoltSafe delivers her products all over the world.

BoltSafe is a member of IBTS BV

BoltSafe bolt load cells

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