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About our company

We guarantee peace of mind with solutions that secure safe connections.

We aim to achieve utmost care and excellent production. We do this through our in-house production and R&D department that combines reliability and innovation. The quest for innovation never stops! Because we have technical expertise and twenty years of experience, we are able to provide trustworthy advice in every customer’s situation.

BoltSafe offers measuring solutions to visualize bolt load for various industries using compact sensors. These bolt load sensors have been developed using a unique technology, are easy to use and provide accurate measurements.

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Our history

The idea of BoltSafe dates back to 1995. After years of development and research, the first sensors found their way to customers in 2001. A new company named BoltSafe was born. Our first couple of years were successful. Our sensors were mainly used for load testing purposes, to determine the right amount of torque or force. The word started to spread and in the years that followed our sensors found their way to customers all around the globe. A growing number of customers also wanted to apply BoltSafe for permanent monitoring purposes. This means connecting a network of BoltSafe load cells and making it possible to read them out all at once. Throughout the years our in-house R&D department engineered several new readout options. Nowadays we can offer (standalone) systems, integrated systems, wireless 4G connections and RS-232 converters. Our latest development is the integration of Boltsafe into the LoRaWAN network. Our production facility located in Beuningen (the Netherlands) has a complete in-house production and calibration facility. Today, our bolt load cells are used all around the globe by a wide variety of customers. New innovations in the readout methods to help our clients acquire bolt load data even better are made every day.

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