Bolt Load Cells

BoltSafe bolt load cells are specially designed load sensors that monitor the actual bolt load in bolted joints. Knowing this information enhances safety, makes joints more dependable and results in better control over bolted constructions. The BoltSafe bolt load cell is placed on the non-driven side of a bolted connection, preferably under a nut. While tightening the bolt, force is being applied to the load washer, which will result in minor deformation of the stainless steel washer. The sensor constantly measures changes in electrical resistance caused by these deformations. This data is used to determine the actual bolt load at any given moment. There are two different BoltSafe bolt load cells available: sensors for continuous monitoring (CMS) and sensors for periodic monitoring (PMS). These are both available in two kinds of steel: our regular stainless steel, and a stronger version that can withstand 15% more load while keeping the same compact dimensions. Various readout methods are available to monitor the bolt load data. 

Why choose a CMS bolt load cell?

  • Continuous remote monitoring of bolt load

  • Multiple readout methods available

  • Used in spots where the bolt can’t be reached after it is mounted

  • Multiple sensors can be linked and read at once

  • The sensor signal can be converted to an industrial standard for

    some readout methods

  • The sensor is wired to the readout method

  • Cable length of the sensor is possible up to 10 meters

  • Available in sizes from M20 to M72 and from 7/8“ to 2-3/4“

Why choose a PMS bolt load cell?

  • Can be used in tight spaces where cables are not desirable

  • Fully wireless

  • Ideal for moving constructions because it is not wired

  • Easy readout via a handheld reader in combination with a probe

  • Easy to quickly read out multiple sensors with the same reader consecutively

  • Available in sizes from M30 to M64 and from 1-1/4“ to 2-1/2”

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