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Calibrating the BoltSafe sensor is done only once in our production process. There is no need to recalibrate the sensor, not even when it is used with different readout methods.

No, the BoltSafe sensors are only compatible with the readout methods found on this website. We offer different readout methods such as the Handheld Reader, Network with PDI box, Network with PDI-NT box, RS-232 and Analog Converter, the IoT-node and BLE-node. When you order one or multiple BoltSafe sensors, we can advise you in ordering the most fitting readout method for your application.

No, the BoltSafe load sensors use magnetoelastic technology. This means they measure the changing of the magnetic field. Because of this technology, BoltSafe sensors are more compact, less expensive and the placement is not sensitive to orientation.

The PMS sensor does not have a wire attached to it, while the CMS sensor does. If you want to read the bolt load data from a (long) distance, we recommend using a CMS sensor. The CMS load cells can be read out by different systems, some of these are able to read out the sensors remotely.

Both options are possible. If you want to know the bolt load while tightening the bolt or if you want to be sure about the tightening method or tool setting, you can use the load sensor just once. If you want to know the bolt load while the bolts are mounted in the construction, periodically or continuously, this is also possible.

We do not recommend using a BoltSafe sensor permanently under water. The load sensors can be used in contact with oil, rain, (splash) seawater, ice and temperatures between -40 and 80 degrees Celsius.

No, BoltSafe load cells can be used for both torque tools and tensioners. 

The PMS load cell can be used in a moving construction, because this sensor is wireless. Because the CMS load cell has a wire attached to the sensor, we do not recommend using it in moving constructions.

This depends on the conditions in which the BoltSafe sensor is used. Using it according to its specifications and requirements can ensure a really long service life.

With BoltSafe load cells you are sure of the bolt load in your construction. Possible relaxation over time is measured and problems such as bolts breaking due to fatigue issues or bolts coming loose can be prevented. Unnecessary maintenance and expensive re-tightening procedures are now in the past.

This depends on the chosen load sensor and readout method. For instance, only one PMS load cell can be read out at a time by one Handheld Reader. But when you use a CMS load cell with a Network with PDI or Network with PDI-NT box, you can read out as many as 256 sensors at once.

Yes, the BoltSafe load cells can also be used as washers underneath constructions without having any bolts and nuts involved. In this example they are capable of determining the load in the construction, for instance to make sure that a temporary construction does not collapse.

A digital signal using a special communication protocol. The BoltSafe sensors can only be connected to a BoltSafe readout system. We can convert the signal to various analog outputs or serial protocols. Therefore, a custom PDI-NT or a RS-232 and Analog converter is needed. 

This depends on the chosen readout method and what you want to do with the bolt load data in terms of storing and analyzing it. The Network with PDI box requires software called “BS-2000 Network Monitoring Server” installed on a Windows PC or laptop. Software for the Analog Converter and BLE-node can be found on our Downloads page.

We make every BoltSafe product ourselves, which means that customization is possible. We are always happy to come up with solutions for your specific industry and application to see what the best fit for your situation would be. Our CMS sensors are available in sizes from M20 to M72 and from 7/8” to 2-3/4”. Our PMS sensors in sizes from M30 to M64 and from 1-1/4” to 2-1/2”.

You can contact us via e-mail (sales@boltsafe.com) or call us at +31246790797 during business hours CET (Central European Time).

Yes, BoltSafe products are delivered all around the world. Our customers are located all around the globe. 

This depends on the amount of BoltSafe sensors ordered and the chosen readout methods to accompany the sensors in the order. Most common sizes and readout methods are always in stock. Usually, it takes just a few business days to ship the products worldwide.

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