Load Washer

The benefits of BoltSafe load washers

  • Our load washers are very compact and using magnetoelastic technology makes them less expensive than other technologies in the market, like direct tension indicators for example.

  • The bolt load is measured across the entire surface of the washer instead of using a few pressure points.

  • Calibration is done inside the load washer and no calibration is needed at the end of the readout equipment. Even when switching between different readout methods.

  • BoltSafe sensors send out only digital signals and can be used with very low and high loads from 18 kN to 3000 kN.

  • Our products are drift free and have almost no creep effect. A maximum deviation of 1% of the full scale is assured after factory calibration.

  • Meeting the IP66 rating, makes them dust free and water resistant.

  • We offer a variety of readout methods to suit various wishes and situations.

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Bolt load cells

BoltSafe bolt load washers are specially designed to monitor the bolt load in bolted joints. Knowing this information enhances safety, makes joints more dependable and results in better control over bolted constructions. 

Readout methods

BoltSafe bolt load washers can send their data to different readout methods. We offer the following: the Handheld Reader, Network with PDI, Network with PDI-NT, RS-232 and Analog Converter and the IoT-node.

What is a load washer?

A washer is a machine component which is used in conjunction with a screw fastener such as a bolt and a nut. It is mostly used to keep the screw from loosening or to distribute the load from the nut or bolt head over a larger area. A load washer is a special kind of washer, which is able to measure the load on the washer. Therefore, a load washer is a specific kind of load sensor / load cell, shaped as a washer. They are the perfect solution for measuring bolt load! Load washers are able to measure load very accurately and are therefore widely used in many industries. Initially they are force transducers that convert force into electrical signals, that can then be measured and standardized. Because of this conversion, data can be read and recorded by users. There are a few types in the market that are using different technologies, such as strain gauges or piezoelectric technology. BoltSafe load washers use magnetoelastic technology. With this technology, the changes in the magnetic field are measured.

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How does the BoltSafe load washer work?

BoltSafe load washers are specifically designed to measure and monitor bolt load in bolted constructions. This can be done as well during assembly as over time. Measurements are very accurate, which enhances safety. Knowing the exact bolt load makes the bolted joints more dependable and gives better control over the construction. Place a BoltSafe load washer on the non-driven side of a bolted connection, preferably under a nut. The forces that are applied to the washer while tightening the bolt will result in minor deformations of the stainless steel washer. This causes changes in the electrical resistance, which can then be measured. We use this data to determine the bolt load very accurately at any given moment.

BoltSafe load washers are used for many applications and in many industries. For example, for Structural Health Monitoring and in temporary constructions, where they make sure that the constructions don’t collapse. We offer our washers in two versions: a regular version and a stronger version that can withstand 15% more load while keeping the same dimensions.

Are you interested in using or distributing our load washers? Please contact us through info@boltsafe.com or call us at +31246790797. If you have any questions about the functionality, usability or applicability of our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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