Readout methods

CMS - BoltSafe

Handheld Reader

SM-200 Productsheet

The SM-200 Handheld Reader is a handheld instrument that can be used to read and store data from both the CMS (Continuous Monitoring Sensor) and PMS (Periodic Monitoring Sensor) BoltSafe sensors. This allows users to directly monitor bolt loads on-site.

With the optional PC cable, users can easily transfer all data to a PC afterwards. These data can be analyzed with help of our Boltsafe Report Generator.

PMS - BoltSafe

Wireless in combination with the Handheld Reader

SM-200 Productsheet

BoltSafe can also be used on application where there is no room for cables.  Our wireless BoltSafe PMS Sensors can be “scanned” without the need for an integrated power supply. The SM-200 handheld reader in combination with a scanner will provide the inductive energy needed obtain all the data from the sensor.  Wireless, accurate and extremely portable.

PDI - BoltSafe

Network with PDI

PDI – Productsheet
CM-1000 – Productsheet

With the PDI box and a network of CM-1000 boxes, you can visualize the bolt load continuous. You can assemble up to eight BoltSafe sensors at one CM-1000 box and you can use up to 31 CM-1000 boxes in a network to one PDI box in combination with a PC. You can analyze the continuous bolt load data with the special software called “BS2000 Network Monitoring”.

PDI-NT - BoltSafe

Network with PDI-NT

PDI-NT – Productsheet
CM-1000 – Productsheet

With the PDI-NT box, you can visualize the bolt load on the BoltSafe sensors continuous. The difference with the PDI box mentioned earlier, is that with the PDI-NT no PC is needed and the PDI-NT provides various output signals, like 4 -20 mA or serial data. Other functions are:

  • Generating alarm at too high or too low bolt load
  • Trending the bolt load during a predefined period
  • Creating custom-made applications
  • Connect the BoltSafe washers to other platforms
Converter - BoltSafe

RS-232 and Analog converter

Converter Data Sheet
Manual RS-232 and Analog converter

With the BoltSafe RS-232 and Analog converter it is easy to connect a BoltSafe CMS sensor (Continuous Monitoring System) directly to any Data acquisition system, computer or PLC. The free Windows-based software allows users to easily readout the load that is applied to the sensor.

The  software can also be used to adjust the moment when the BoltSafe RS-232 and Analog converter has to switch on or off (in kN or as percentage of full scale). This makes it possible to use the converter standalone; to activate an alarm or warning light.

The RS-232 and Analog converter can also be used to switch off a remote control or even a complete pump or (electric) torque tool. The complete serial communication protocol will be provided, which also enables users to use their own software and adjust settings via their computer or PLC.

  • Digital readout in RS-232
  • Analog readout: 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 0-20mA and 4-20mA

At BoltSafe we are commited to providing the total solution. If you cannot find the relevant component part on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us.