RS-232 and Analog Converter

How does the RS-232 and Analog Converter work?

Our RS-232 and Analog Converter can connect a BoltSafe CMS load cell directly to any data acquisition system (DAQ), computer or PLC. The Converter automatically scales the analog output from the attached sensor. The maximum bolt load from the sensor equals 100% of the analog output (5Vdc, 10Vdc or 20mA). The minimum and maximum load range can be changed on request if a small measuring range of the sensor is needed. This way, the preferred bandwidth of the output can be utilized. The converter uses free Windows-based software that allows users to easily read out the bolt load. This software can also be used to set alarms in case of load deviations (in kN or as a percentage of full scale). Because of this function, the Converter can be used standalone, for instance to activate an acoustic alarm or warning light. Because the Converter comes with the complete serial communication protocol, it enables users to use their own software and adjust settings through their own computer or PLC. This system provides a digital readout in the RS-232 standard and an analog readout in 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 0-20mA and 4-20mA.

RS-232 and Analog Converter in use

How is the Analog Converter used?

One RS-232 and Analog Converter can be connected to one BoltSafe CMS sensor. When the Converter is connected to a DAQ, PC or PLC, the acquired bolt load data can be read and further processed. Because the Converter is equipped with a relay, it can also be used as an alarm or set off any other desired warning. The RS-232 and Analog Converter can also be used to switch off any type of equipment connected to the BoltSafe sensor, such as a pump or torque tool.


One CMS bolt load sensor can be read out at once

Analog output to connect the sensor to DAQ systems

Has a programmable relay

Monitoring and logging bolt load data with PC software

Cost effective when monitoring a max of 5 CMS sensors

Can be used for setting alarms or warnings

Possible variations of the Analog Converter

The RS-232 and Analog converter is available in two versions. A plastic DIN rail enclosure that can be used inside a control box or the version that is already enclosed in an aluminum box which is dustproof and watertight. The aluminum enclosure is fitted with connectors, which makes this a plug-and-play system. This version is suitable for rough conditions. The DIN rail version is more useful when you are using multiple converters and multiple sensors in one project, because the converters can be mutually connected.
RS-232 and Analog Converter DIN rail

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