BLE-node BoltSafe bolt load monitoring

How does the BLE-node work?

With the BLE-node we offer a plug-and-play standalone logging device for our BoltSafe CMS sensors. BLE stands for “Bluetooth Low Energy”. It can store bolt load data of 1750 measurements on its internal memory. And when it is connected to a Windows device with a Bluetooth connection, you can create a real-time plot of maximum 4 BLE-nodes simultaneously. 

The BLE-node offers a very long battery life of approximately five years. This makes the BLE-node extremely useful for rotating or moving applications. With our free accompanying “BoltSafe Connect” software, you can change the log interval or download the stored data from all BLE-nodes within a range of 100 meters (free sight) in one action. Our team is happy to help you out to make sure that your wishes can be realized.


One CMS bolt load sensor can be connected at once

Is connected through Bluetooth 5.2 Low Energy

A wireless system with its own power supply

The BLE-node is a standalone system

Has a long battery life of about 4 years

Access data through a Windows application

How is the BLE-node used?

Connect the BoltSafe CMS sensor to the BLE-node and set the log interval with our Windows software through a Bluetooth connection. After the testing period with the same Windows software, the logged bolt load data can be downloaded to a CSV file in kN (Kilonewton) or lbf (Pound-force).

The sensor temperature can be logged simultaneously. When the BLE-node is connected to a Windows device, it is also possible to make a real-time plot of maximum four sensors. This data can also be stored in a CSV file. 

BLE-node load monitoring BoltSafe

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