Handheld reader

BoltSafe Handheld reader

How does the handheld reader work?

The SM-200 handheld reader is a handheld instrument that reads and stores data from both the CMS (Continuous Monitoring System) and PMS (Periodic Monitoring System) BoltSafe load cells. The CMS load sensor has a connector cable which connects directly to the SM-200. The handheld reader then shows the value of the connected sensor on the LCD display. If you want to use the SM-200 to read data from the PMS load cell, a probe is needed. This probe energizes the BoltSafe Sensor and reads all data through a non-contacting interface. The probe on the other hand is connected to the SM-200 with a connector. When using the handheld reader, the user can monitor the residual bolt load directly on the reader. If you connect the SM-200 to a PC with a USB cable, you can send the measured bolt load data to a Windows PC afterwards. The acquired data can be analyzed by special software called “BS Report Generator”. The cables and software are available separately. Ask our sales team to advise you about everything you need for your specific project.


One PMS or CMS load sensor can be read out at once

Wireless reading of the PMS sensor with a probe

The CMS sensor is read out using the sensor's cable

It has a display to check the live bolt load data

The reader is plug & play and directly ready to use

Acquired data can be transferred to a computer

How is the handheld reader used?

The handheld reader can be used for direct readout during the initial setting of the residual bolt load in the bolted joint, but also for subsequent checks while the bolt has already been mounted. The SM-200 will read and display the bolt load data from the load cell on its LCD display. This data can be displayed either in kN (Kilonewton) or in lbf (Pound-force). When there is no sensor connected, the unit will switch off automatically after one minute. The bolt load data can be stored on the handheld reader with the push of a button. The handheld reader can store data from up to 256 different load cells. If the same load sensor is scanned multiple times, the SM-200 will store only the most recent value. This data can be transferred from the handheld reader to a computer. Reports can be printed as well for future reference.
BoltSafe Handheld Reader in use

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