BoltSafe IoT-node LoRaWAN

How does the IoT-node work?

The IoT-node is our latest technology. It is able to connect one BoltSafe CMS sensor to The Things Stack, KPN LoRa network or any other (private) LoRaWAN network. IoT stands for Internet of Things. We use the LoRaWAN technology, which stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. All it takes is connecting the IoT-node to the CMS sensor. When there is no LoRa connection available at the time and location of use, a LoRa gateway is added. The acquired bolt load data is sent to the cloud a few times per hour. The data can be read out with any device that is connected to the internet (such as a PC, smartphone or tablet), as it can be accessed in a web-based application dashboard. The IoT-node has its own battery with an extremely long battery life of approximately ten years, so no external power supply is needed. Optionally, the IoT-node can be connected to other cloud application servers by creating a custom solution. Our team is happy to help you out to realize your wishes.


One CMS bolt load sensor can be connected at once

Is connected to the Internet of Things through LoRaWAN

A wireless system with its own power supply

The IoT-node is a standalone system that works remotely

Has a really long battery life of about 10 years

Access data through a web-based application dashboard

How is the IoT-node used?

Connect one BoltSafe CMS sensor to one IoT-node and it will send the bolt load data to a cloud network server continuously, a few times an hour. To read out this data, connect your internet-connected device to the server using a web portal. This portal offers historical data of the sensor in kN (Kilonewton) and lbf (Pound-force), comparisons of information from multiple sensors next to one another and shows the bolt load in graphs if desired. This data can be exported to other devices. You can also set (e-mail) notifications. The most important benefits of the IoT-node are that its data can be read out anywhere, anytime and that no extra cables or software are needed to acquire the bolt load data.
BoltSafe IoT-node in use

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