BoltSafe is used in industries such as bolting, shipping, oil and gas, offshore, wind, nuclear, machine building, building, mining, infrastructure and telecom.

This test determines the best bolting procedure for the blades on a wind turbine.

Here, the best tensioning method is tested. This is in the chemical industry.

This test determines the overload of a coil transporter. This is in the steel & aluminium processing industry.

Here, the best torque method is tested with BoltSafe washers.

This is a test to check the force needed to break the sacrificial nut in a steel construction.

Bolt load measurement on floor oil rig.

On this pipe layer vessels stinger BoltSafe washes are used to monitor the forces in this construction during operation and the trip.

BoltSafe washers on a flange in the oil and gas industrie.

Bolt load measurement on a FPSO swivel. The result can be read directly.

Reading a BoltSafe Periodic Monitoring System (PMS) sensor with a probe.

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